Girl Gang Craft is a community powered by womxn for womxn. We host craft fairs, empower brands, and have an in-house feminist clothing line. Our uterus line collects 10% for Planned Parenthood and we’ve given them over $1500 to date. 

Girl Gang Craft came to life in a time ripe with uncertainty for women and especially for women artists. The craft fair circuit is a dog eat dog world and Phoebe Sherman wanted to create a place for women creatives to continue exploring and sharing their passion without having to pay an arm and a leg. Girl Gang Craft focuses on local women makers and healers who are passionate in whatever they do--fine art, ceramics, jewelry, vintage, tarot, reiki, herbs etc. We work with community members to make space, hold events, and foster welcoming and inclusive badass places to hang and create. We want to empower women. Empowered women empower women. Being a women and daring to make art is a form of resistance itself! 


About Phoebe Sherman, our Founder.

Feminism came to me like a close, outraged friend. A feminism you could have coffee with.

I grew up in a privileged family in Marin County, but I understood this idea of justice from a young age.

I was a “bossy” girl, and later a “tease.”

I was taught by my peers that leadership was not welcome in female form. And later, that woman were meant to be looked at and conquered sexually.

I fed into this. I offered my body up to the world, gave this shell of skin to the people around me. I was not me. I was a service, an exhibition, an illusion of what was. I played the part. I was an actress, a chameleon, I could be whatever you wanted me to be.

I learned to see my body as the enemy at 13. I went through various bouts of eating disorders, at the end of middle school into high school, and once again my first years of college. Hate was imprinted on my skin, control was my middle name. 

I was poked and prodded by adolescent men, who like me, were exploring what it meant to be a sexual human. This was not always a space about human connection, but rather a sort of conquering, a contract. A space where you could get called a "Tease" if there was no follow-through, a "slut" if there was. This was a direct consequence of the society we were raised in. 

In college I went to therapy and discovered yoga. This was the beginning of my healing. This was the catalyst of me connecting to myself, the beginning of my desire to be better. On the inside. 

Yoga cured me. It taught me I was responsible for my own happiness. It taught me my body was meant to move and be treated with respect. It taught me that I didn’t have to be perfect, that I didn’t need to look perfect, and that even the physical practice of yoga was a journey and I needed to have patience. I learned to breathe. I learned to trust my intuition. I learned that my body was not the enemy, and even the world wasn’t, and we had the power to change our own reality, our own relationship the circumstances around us.

During this same period I discovered feminism. I was already an Art Major, but being the Virgo I am I craved a second discipline. I took a World & Sex class and discovered the world sucks especially for women and women of color and women of poverty, and I wanted to help.


There was so much anger in my Feminism program though. And YES obviously there should be anger. There should be lots of anger, the world is a terrible and sucky place. But to me a lot of the feminism was jargon and deconstruction, with not a whole lot of solutions.

I wanted a solution. I wanted hope.

These are still things I want today.

For me, yoga and feminism go hand in hand. We have the power to change our interior. We have the power to change our own heart. We have the power to be kind and compassionate to ourselves and the people that surround us. THIS IS HOW WE CREATE COMMUNITY. To me, this is feminism.

Taking care of ourselves and the world around us is a REVOLUTIONARY ACT.

After school I became a certified yoga teacher, but I knew I also wanted to do something with my art. I was already painting and making prints and selling those a bit. But I knew I wanted more.

I came up with my first uterus print right before the first Women’s March. My first print was a success. I ended up screen-printing my uterus design on fabric and making pouches. I wanted to give 10% to Planned Parenthood. I made patches for jackets, and eventually pins.

Last year I gave over one thousand dollars to Planned Parenthood. That means I sold over $10,000 worth of uteruses!! (uteri? Still up for debate). I couldn’t be more proud of myself. My uterus designs continue to sell.

Today I am re-focusing on community. I founded Girl Gang Craft a year ago. This is a community of women artists and healers. We hold events, workshops, and help women elevate their businesses. We host a blog, an in-store brand designed by me, and we build websites and run social media. We newly established a scholarship fund to help woman build their brand and show their work. 

Collaboration is key. I thrive off of working with women run businesses.

We can't wait to work with you!

Our Team:


Phoebe Sherman is an artist and yoga teacher living in Oakland, CA. She is a printmaker, painter, designer, and creative entrepreneur. She went to school at UC Santa Cruz for printmaking and feminist studies, and is happy everyday that she is doing work in both of her college majors. She spends her time teaching yoga classes around the Bay Area, making art, and creating magic with Girl Gang Craft. Learn more about Phoebe Sherman here


Hannah Crawford is the first official employee of Girl Gang Craft. We like to call her a big idea person. Hannah lives in Larkspur, CA and has been friends with Phoebe since the dance days in elementary school. Hannah is a tarot reader and a textile artist. Her soft words line is fabulous. She uses foam and wool to create one of a kind words that are even earth quake proof! See more of Hannah's work on her site.