Girl Gang Craft came to life in a time ripe with uncertainty for women and especially for women artists. The craft fair circuit is a dog eat dog world and Phoebe Sherman wanted to create a place for women creatives to continue exploring and sharing their passion without having to pay an arm and a leg. Girl Gang Craft focuses on local women makers and healers who are passionate in whatever they do--fine art, ceramics, jewelry, vintage, tarot, reiki, herbs etc. We work with community members to make space, hold events, and foster welcoming and inclusive badass places to hang and create. We want to empower women. Empowered women empower women. Being a women and daring to make art is a form of resistance itself! 

Girl Gang Craft is a community, a resource, and a brand! 

We have:

- Events (craft fairs + pop-ups)

-Workshops (branding and business)

-An Online Shop featuring our brand designed by Phoebe Sherman and a powerful curated mix of local lady artists and makers. Shop here

-A Blog featuring work by our community


-Brand Building. We can create your website / logo / content for you! So you can be the best boss babe you can be!


Phoebe Sherman is an artist and yoga teacher living in Oakland, CA. She is a printmaker, painter, designer, and creative entrepreneur. She went to school at UC Santa Cruz for printmaking and feminist studies, and is happy everyday that she is doing work in both of her college majors. She spends her time teaching yoga classes around the Bay Area, making art, and creating magic with Girl Gang Craft. Learn more about Phoebe Sherman here


Hannah Crawford is the first official employee of Girl Gang Craft. We like to call her a big idea person. Hannah lives in Larkspur, CA and has been friends with Phoebe since the dance days in elementary school. Hannah is a tarot reader and a textile artist. Her soft words line is fabulous. She uses foam and wool to create one of a kind words that are even earth quake proof! See more of Hannah's work on her site.