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Welcome to Girl Gang Craft, The Podcast, where we dive deep into all things business, wellness, creativity and activism for artists and entrepreneurs. Your host Phoebe Sherman talks to impactful female founders who share what it’s really like to grow a business, sharing their wins and failures along the way. You’ll walk away with practical steps you can take to create better results in your own life and business.

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Finding Myself in
Joy + Ease


This week, Phoebe reflects on the past two years and opens up about what a global pandemic and major business pivot taught her about finding joy, ease, and hope in a time of uncertainty.

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On Email, Copywriting + Anti-Bro Marketing


This week, Phoebe dives deep into email marketing and copywritng with launch whiz and copy queen, Tarzan Kay. Tune in for a compelling investigation of “bro marketing” and several ways in which all businesses can harness the power of story-based copy to establish a sustainable, ethical, and high-integrity marketing strategy.

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On Contracts, Internet Law + Brand Protection


This week, Phoebe sits down with Nashville-based Internet and IP lawyer, Maria Spear Ollis, for an insightful and informative discussion on online brand protection for creative entrepreneurs.

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On Auras, Finding Joy + Short-Form Video Content


This week, Phoebe talks transitions and transformation with photographer, media strategist, and short-form video expert, Lisandra Vazquez. Tune in as they discuss the significance of auras, how to lean into short-form video content as a creative entrepreneur, and what lessons can be learned about joy and hope after pivoting your business.

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On Business Wellness + Burnout Recovery


This week, Phoebe sits down with strategic planner and business coach, Tiffany Lauren Jones, to talk through her small business journey and unpack how she harnessed self-care, time management, and mindset tools to finally get off the burnout train and step into her power as a successful entrepreneur.

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How to SHOW You Are an Expert in Your Field


This week, Phoebe breaks down how to manage imposter syndrome so you can show up as an expert in your field. Learn how to lean into your expertise to create tiered levels of access in your business to capture emails, attract new customers, and keep them coming back. Perfect for both product- and service-based businesses!

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Manufacturing, Marketing, + Growing Your Biz


This week, Phoebe sits down with Tiffany Ju, responsible manufacturing advocate and designer/founder of Chunks Shop. Tune in as Tiffany shares her journey leading up to the hugely successful hair accessories brand, expands on why she is proud to manufacture her products in China, and offers her unconventional take on what makes for a stellar marketing strategy.

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 Craft Fair Tips


This week, Phoebe shares her tried and true tips for an amazing craft fair, so that new and seasoned makers alike can plan, prep, and present with confidence. 

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Intuitive Eating + Body Neutrality


In this week’s episode, health coach and business consultant Molly Alliman unpacks diet culture and the sneaky ways it pervades our lives, offering instead intuitive eating and body neutrality as sustainable paths we can each explore to heal the relationship between ourselves, our minds, and our bodies.

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Repurposing Content


In this week’s episode, Phoebe explains how to repurpose your content for various platforms so that you can maximize efficiency and engagement while you minimize stress and overwhelm.

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Size Inclusivity + The Business of Storytelling


In this week’s episode, Sylvia Tennant shares her journey from the early days of Zaleska Jewelry to her newfound passion for modeling, exploring the role of authentic storytelling as a powerful business tool in each new venture.

the to-do list is canceled ep. 23 (2).pn

the to-do list is canceled


In this week’s episode, Phoebe explains why the to-do list is ultimately ineffective and harmful and provides an alternative solution for approaching productivity. 


Witchcraft + Business


In this week’s episode, Casey Zabala imparts her wisdom and experience as a practicing witch turned business owner and offers guidance on entering the world of small business without compromising your spiritual center.

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Showing Up + Facing stage fright


Get ready to step into your power, as Phoebe discusses ways to show up and show out for your brand.

girl gang craft kitiya palaskas podcast.

Creativity + Craft with Kitiya Palaskas


Craft based designer,  Kitiya Palaskas, takes us through her career and how she was able to work with big brands like Adobe, Lego, and many others. 

biz legit ep 19 feed.jpg



Phoebe deep dives into why it’s important to make your business legit and how to do it.

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Taxes, Accounting + Financial Wellness


Jessie Susannah Karnatz aka the Money Witch returns to the podcast to give us the inside scoop on taxes, bookkeeping, PPP and financial wellness.




Phoebe opens up the 2021 season with an inside look at how GGC navigated the pandemic and pivoted from in-person events in 2020, leaving you with tangible advice to plan 2021. 

Ampjar Pete Podcast ep 16.jpeg

Karmic Marketing


Closing out season 1 with a bang, Ampjar CEO and Founder, Peter Davis discusses how brands can empower one another to grow and gain customers.

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Designer and entrepreneur, Meredith dives into how small brands and creatives can create a brand identity for themselves and grow their business.

Keisha ep 14.jpg




Keisha discusses what’s missing in the yoga community and how COVID-19 has forced the industry to take a deeper look at itself. 

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Creating Community


Community is a way to access wealth. Build your community with the network you already have plus activate new ones.

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Adrienne wiley

on quitting your day job


Adrienne breaks down what it is like to get her jewelry in the hands of celebs and how she opened one of 3 Black owned  boutiques in SF. 

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Outsourcing with phoebe


On this episode Phoebe discusses how she began to outsource certain tasks to clear up her time, and make more money.


ali kriegsman on building a goddamn empire


Ali hops on the podcast to talk about how to build a goddamn empire. She talks imposter syndrome, getting funding + the future of retail.

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Taylor Jay on Entrepreneurship + Pivoting


Taylor talks about pivoting her biz. She shares inspiring advice of what she’s learned from starting her brand, pivoting during Covid, and on opening the doors for others.”

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Creating Multiple Revenue streams


Phoebe sits down with us on episode 8 to discuss creating multiple streams of revenue for your business so you can be prepared for anything!

ep 7

Champagne, Photography + Asking for What You Want


Champagne talks about best practices when it comes to product photography, taking self portraits, and asking for what you want. 

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