Intimate Garden Pop-up at Empress Vintage


This is a small, intimate pop-up at the lovely Empress Vintage on Alcatraz in Berkeley. 

All humans who identify with the female experience are invited to apply. 

There are limited booths available.

A $10 nonrefundable app fee is due upon applying. This pays for our time and resources looking over your work. You will not get this money back.

If accepted you will be asked to pay $65 that will cover your booth fee. This is in addition to the app fee. 

This is an outdoor venue and is a rain or shine event. Your booth, if accepted, will be approx. 6x4." Once payment is received, booth fee is nonrefundable. 

We're excited to see your work. Please note again that there is limited space. If not accepted we encourage you to apply to our BIG August show. Apps for that will be out shortly.

We love you!