One-on-One One-hour Consult with GGC Founder Phoebe Sherman


One-on-One One-hour Consult with GGC Founder Phoebe Sherman


Only 10 slots available in 2019

You can meet in person/on the phone/on zoom. You can ask her any questions you want! That hour is yours. We can get SOOO much done in one hour. And for less than HALF THE PRICE, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?

Why should you INVEST IN YOURSELF and sign up for a consult?

✔️Phoebe understands the hardships of marketing products and fighting the insta algorithm

✔️Phoebe knows how it feels to fund a business from a day job

✔️Phoebe has grown this account by 14k in this year alone!

✔️Phoebe has created community in this Oakland maker landscape, thrown over 7 craft fairs, a conference, and multiple in-person workshops, not to mention has designed and funded an apparel line

✔️Most importantly, Phoebe knows how to DREAM BIG and make shit happen. She can help you figure out how to create multiple revenue streams that can elevate your business and boost your income!

She will email you to schedule upon receipt.

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