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Seize this opportunity to make the most of the holiday season and tap into a passionate community that actively seeks out unique and local products during the holiday season!


Capture the attention of consumers that are actively seeking meaningful, personalized gifts and supporting local businesses.


The GGC Holiday Gift Guide is live on the site from November 10 to January 10 for ample holiday shopping time. 

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The Details

This is a curated list, so we will be selective with our choices.


Applications are due by October 19th.

Notifications will go out October 24th.

If accepted you will be sent a link to pay. You must complete payment by 10/27 to participate, although we suggest paying the invoice as soon as you receive it. Our soft launch will start 11/3 and you will have a week to make any adjustments you might need before it goes live.


The GGC Gift Guide will be live on the site from November 10 to January 10

GGC stats:

IG: 29.8k followers

Newsletter:  5000 subscribers 


We will also be doing a PR push to get the guide into as many hands and publications as possible + running ads. 


We ask that you also participate in spreading the word about the guide.

Opt-in levels


Join us

We are excited to highlight fem-forward brands and allied businesses from all over the US to inspire gift giving and shopping local + small businesses this Holiday season.

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