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Girl Gang Craft June Market

Participation Kit

The Location:

Scottish Rite Oakland

1547 Lakeside Dr, Oakland, CA 94612

The event is from 12-6pm

Load IN

Load-in will be in two sections to help traffic flow.

10 am load-in Sections A-L, Those on Stage, + Double 1, 3, + 6

1030 am load-in Sections M-T, Doubles 2, 4, 5, 7, 8

The Parking Lot and load-in can be found on Madison St behind the Scottish Rite.

If you purchased a parking pass: Please enter the parking lot on and go to the right and park. Your items can be loaded out directly from your car. Please print out your receipt from your pass purchase and put it on your dash.

If you did not purchase a parking pass: Please load-in to the spots to the left. Jules will be the parking lot load-in goddess before the event so she will be directing you. After your load-in, exit the lot and find street parking. Beware of 2 hour parking spots!

We encourage you to bring carts for load-in, but there may be some extras available for use.


There are some parking passes available for purchase here: ( I think there are 2 left!)

Please print out the order confirmation for the parking permit and display it on your dashboard for the event. If you do not buy a parking pass there is street parking around the lake. Be aware of “2 hour parking” signs. Please do not park in the parking lot if you do not have a parking pass.


If you ordered a single booth you have a 6x4” space. 6 feet faces outwards to the attendee traffic. We do not supply tables or chairs or anything. There are no dividers. There is no guarantee for electricity, if you need any electricity please send an email to If you are next to a wall you can use blue painter’s tape to hang things.

If you applied for a double booth and were confirmed for a double, your space is 8x6’. 8 feet faces outwards to attendee traffic.

Map and layout will be provided in a future email closer to the event.

If you need help building your booth, you can download the GGC guide here:


The Roster can be found here. Please email us if any information is not correct.


Please continue to spread the word about the event. Use tags @girlgangcraft and the hashtag #girlgangcraftmarket or #ggcjunemarket.

Join our Facebook event. Please click “attending.” Please invite your own people to the event and also share from your personal page and your business page. As of 6/13 we have 4.5 k interested! KEEP IT UP! Our November Show had approx 1500 attendees. We expect this show will have more attendees due to good weather and walk-ins. ( Last November was the week of the fires).

Please include links to our site and our facebook event in newsletters and on your sites.

It really is a team effort! The more we advertise the more people attend and the more sales we make!!!

If you want physical fliers to hang or distribute please email us.


At the GGC Market events we always host raffles and raffle off maker’s items at the front entrance. The money that is collected goes towards our scholarship program that allows us to give scholarships so artists can vend + participate in events like our Branding workshop and our upcoming #smallbiz summit. If you would like to donate, just plan on bringing an item to the front of the event the day of. Your item will be front and center with your business info so it is a great way to intro your items to attendees so that they can come and find your booth!

THANK YOU! And we are so excited for June 22!!!


Please find your name and location on the map BEFORE the event. Please email us if there are any mistakes for any reason.