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Episode 21

Why is it important for me to show up in my content?

If you've hopped on Instagram recently, you'll see that more and more content has moved away from stagnant photos to short-form video. So what exactly does this mean for you as a small business owner? It's time for you to jump out from behind the camera and in front of it. Your customers want to learn about you, their creator, and seeing your face on an Instagram Reel could be what helps them identify your product from competitors. "This is what makes small businesses special, your story and YOU. This is why customers want to shop YOUR PRODUCT or YOUR service; it's because they are supporting you and receiving a little slice of your special sauce in return," Phoebe says. [01:17]

Okay, I’m ready for my debut on Instagram—how do I do it?
Start with Instagram stories. Stories are great because they only last 24 hours and do not have to be perfect or polished—in fact, the more playful, raw, and authentic you, the more success you'll have.

It's important to remember how much you want to show customers and fans is up to you. Your privacy is your business, but as Phoebe says, “revealing yourself makes you human.” [3:07]

Instagram Reels or TikTok, which one is right for me?
Did you know that Instagram is prioritizing Reels in its algorithm? That means if you're not utilizing Reels you're missing out on a huge opportunity to gain exposure for your business, which means more engagement, more growth, more sales.

If you're not 100% sure what content you should create for Reels, we highly suggest experimenting on TikTok first as you may not have an established audience there yet, which makes it a perfect testing ground.


When Girl Gang Craft first started, we were solely a craft fair. Over the past years, we've grown to so much more than that, but it all started with an event. Events are a great way to reach your customers, and with every event going virtual, it's a great way for you to join more panels, talks, podcasts, and in general share your expertise with more potential customers.


DMs, we love them here at GGC—in fact, that's how we sell a lot of our classes. DMs are a genuine way to show up for customers and better connect with people who are interested in your product.

There is an art to DMs. A great strategy to utilize to see who might be interested in GGC's products is polls.

Polls allow you to interact with your audiences, and those you engage with your poll are some of your most loyal clients and followers. From there, feel free to pop into their DMs and ask them what they are stuck with, and as Phoebe says, "keep asking your customer questions and show up for them."


First remember, that everyone gets even a little nervous when speaking to the public. Before saying your first word, remember our secret piece of advice—breathe. "Take 3 breaths and show up anyway, even if every fiber of your being is petrified to do so. And you know what is on the other side of facing your fear? Relief. Empowerment. Joy. And maybe even a glass of wine," Phoebe says. [8:37] Another way to beat stage fright for non-live content is to remember that you edit and delete it if it doesn't come out just right. For live events, your community will ground and comfort you and will help you when you fumble.

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