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Episode 28

Manufacturing, Marketing, + Growing Your Biz

As creatives, we place a great deal of pride in our handcrafted products and our solo entrepreneurship. The pressure to “do it all” is one we each inevitably face, and for many of us, it stops offering a sustainable path to success. For makers especially, the decision to manufacture can be challenging in part due to the existing stigma surrounding factories, particularly those located overseas.

In this week’s episode, Phoebe talks outsourcing, manufacturing, and marketing with Tiffany Ju, responsible manufacturing advocate and designer/founder of Chunks Shop. Tiffany dives deep into the complex nature of manufacturing and why there is no one-size-fits-all approach to sustainability in business. Tune in as she shares her journey both leading up to and following the rapid success of Chunks and how she’s grown her business from just herself to a team of 6. A true marketing maverick, Tiffany wraps up with her stance on marketing: namely, that it doesn’t need to be anything but authentic and true-to-self to be wildly effective.

Episode 28


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