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Episode 4

But first, a bit about how Girl Gang Craft is handling these changes because we’re all about transparency in what it takes to build a business. For instance, we were already in a financial lull before COVID-19 hit. Now with all of our events postponed, vendor and sponsorship fees are no longer an upcoming source of revenue for Girl Gang Craft. (You can read more about how we are handling these changes here.

So as the shelter in place announcements started unfolding, Phoebe started reaching out to her community to offer her commissioned artwork to help compensate for the loss in event revenue. And given Girl Gang Craft’s mission, she also wanted to make sure the maker and small business community was supported at this time, so she created a list of COVID-19 resources on the Girl Gang Craft website, which includes a link to grants, job opportunities, unemployment information and more.

Additionally, she put together a free six page guide to pivoting for small businesses. She also brought our in-person branding workshops online with tips on how to build your brand identity and create compelling content to attract new followers and customers.

We get that people are scared to sell stuff to a community suffering from lost income so it’s hard to get them to buy things. But there are people home who are bored with money to spend and it’s our job to sell to them. Now is the time to take stock of your business and invest in areas that need growth, whether that’s improving your branding or how you share on social. You make the decision to put that money down.

Other things Girl Gang Craft has started since sheltering in place:

This podcast focused on business, creativity and wellness to continue reaching our community in new ways with the resources they need to thrive.

Secret Shelter in Place with artists to exchange maker-made gifts with one another, much like Secret Santa.

Live Instagram schedule featuring different members of our community, meditation, and other entertaining programming

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