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Episode 65

Follow What Delights You with Sarah Faith Gottesdiener

Sarah Gottesdiener is the founder and designer of The Moon Studio, a creative collective that aligns intuitive foundations with mystical practices for all types of inspired folks who wish to explore their creative powers. As an intuitive and skilled educator, Sarah curates a range of valuable workshops through The Moon Studio such as money magic, boundary work, tarot, and the magic behind decision making. Sarah also hosts a podcast called Moonbeaming.

In this episode, Sarah asks us as business owners to understand our worth! We talk about how to monetarily value our services and how we need to stop overgiving and undercharging. We consider taking a break from all the excess info directed at us and instead following what delights you. We dive deep into the misconception that we can’t have financial success and hold values.

Key Points, Quotes, and Highlights:

✿ Follow what delights you! Sometimes we need a break from all the excess info directed at us to let our intuition lead us towards what we desire and already hold the knowledge to do.

✿ “Our work will not necessarily give our lives meaning” How we may hold jobs that don’t echo our values, but find meaning in other aspects of our lives.

✿ Exploring our “inner teen” selves to pinpoint where our influences around money started to take shape and using Shadow Work to understand that our thoughts about money may be ancestral rooted with societal projections.

✿ Sarah tells us to reflect, learn, and grow from our pasts, “Think about the past you had, think about the risks you took. When you invested in yourself, when you followed your intuition, think about what happened, even if it didn’t work out.”


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