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Episode 79

Fake Cakery with Julie Nguyen

Julie Nguyen, the artist behind Fake Cakery, grew up with a passion for baking and began her culinary education and career as a baker at the age of thirteen. Her business specializes in producing realistic-looking dessert themed art that function as stash boxes, grinders, and more.

In this episode, Julie shares her insight about going viral, building a product based business, having a social media media presence, successful email marketing, and working with manufacturers.

Key moments:
✿ How Julie’s love of baking inspired a functional product line and business

✿ What it was like for Julie to grow her following overnight and needing to strategize product development to fulfill the demand

✿ How having a work studio with a camera always set up for filming helps ease the process of content creation

✿ Working with manufacturers and trusting they will be honest but being aware of red flags when something doesn’t feel right

✿ How to approach international shipping for your business and finding a shipping provider that works for you (and how it’s not so daunting once you get a grasp on it)



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