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Episode 83

Missing Witches with Risa Dickens

[Content Warning] this episode contains speak of domestic violence so please take care while listening

Missing Witches is an art and activism project and public research project, created by Amy Torok and Risa Dickens: old friends, creative collaborators, curious crafters, big cacklers, howlers at the moon, grumpy old crones, just a couple of perpetual baby Witches living, writing, and recording out in the woods on unceded Anishinaabe territory, in Quebec, Canada.

Risa joins Phoebe today and takes us on her journey of the roots that grew Missing Witches, finding Re-Enchantment in the world, why she moved to the woods and left her tech career behind, the business that formed from the project, and their dedication to reparations which inspires their work.

In May, Missing Witches is hosting a Reparations Fundraiser. Every $10 donated enters you a chance to win a magical prize. Go to for donation details.

Key Moments:

✿ Risa tells us about not aligning with a hyper-feminine origin story and reclaiming her own identity of being a witch
✿ “As much as I just want to run away and hide under the moss and return my body to the soil and be a full time witch, I need to stand up for myself in this system a little bit more first."
✿ The tech platforms they've built to share newsletters, zines, and interact with their web coven
✿ Making the shift to be community supported and removing all ad funded support
✿ Why they chose to dedicate a months salary every year to Reparations



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