GGC #Smallbiz summit, a conference for creatives.

An annual event in Oakland, CA.

Next summit TBA.

Past Speakers:


Erin Rice

This summit exceeded all my expectations (and, honestly, my expectations were pretty high)! The two workshops that I attended and the social media panel all gave me a perfect balance of motivation, perspective shift, and practical business advice, while the keynote speech wrapped it all up with a good dose of emotional support. I had wonderful encounters with such interesting women all day, am so stoked about my new headshots, and even gained a potential new client! This summit was just the catalyst I needed to take my confidence and my business to the next level.

Laura Bishop of Lady Moon Co

An open thank you to Girl Gang Craft. The small business summit was powerful, inclusive, honest and fuckin inspiring. Invest in your mental growth. Love each other. Girl Gang Craft is the real deal making real change and truly walking the walk when it comes to women supporting women. I’m honestly so impressed.

Katie Dean of Katie Dean Jewelry

Being in a supportive environment where community was valued over competition was so refreshing. Even as a panelist on the Social Media Panel I learned from my fellow speakers and gained insight and tools I could implement in my own business. I truly believe in paying it forward and helping others and it was a joy to be able to share tools and tips to the amazing group that attended the Small Biz Summit. What a valuable day it was for all!

 Sam Khaikin

GGC events always feel the incredibly alive to me; there is always an interesting, vibrant, and diverse group of makers who bring an infectious energy. I always leave feeling so honored and blessed to be in the room with these incredibly inspiring (and dare I say, extremely *cool*) women and women-identifying makers.

Shun Moore of Marlo Bea

I was one of the scholarship winners for the summit and was immediately excited, because I am new to the girl gang community and couldn’t wait to just be a part of the movement. I have never attended an event where all of the negative vibes were literally left at home or the door, it was such a positive and educational experience. The best part of it all was that I got to bring my baby girl to summit and she too felt so loved and like we had a place in the group.