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Episode 1

After high school she went to UC Santa Cruz with the intention to study art and one other thing. She discovered feminist studies. There was finally context for why there were different standards for women and men.

She began to create feminist art: dolls, and prints, and painting about sexist double standards about sexuality. One thing she didn’t like about the feminist studies program, was the constant anger, (rightfully so!) But she is a girl who likes solutions and optimism, there has to be discussion about organizing, and uplifting, not just deconstruction.

In her last year of Santa Cruz, she discovered yoga. It was instantly healing, and as a perfectionist, a dancer, and a person recovering from an eating disorder,  yoga spoke to her on a fundamental level.

Yoga was the chance to bring community together, yoga was a method to help anxiety, depression, create positive body image, bring people together along different socioeconomic and racial lines (in theory). Yoga was the space where we could tackle unfairness, or at least find an oasis away from the pain. 

"Your body does not belong to anyone else. You can move in a way that feels good. You are just perfect the way you are RIGHT NOW. "

After school she took a yoga teacher training and then began teaching yoga, while she waitressed to pay the bills. She did not want an office job. Sitting at a desk for hours listening to someone else tell her what to do, was not going to happen. (She has never had an office job! Although now she sits at her own desk in her own office).

She started making jewelry. Really terrible jewelry. And started selling my jewelry at local craft and street fairs. 

Around the 2016 election, Trump called Hilary a Nasty Woman, and she began to make a print that became the whole basis for the Girl Gang Craft product line. The uterus design was born. From this print came patches that I would sew on jackets, a little zip-up pouch, and then our infamous uterus enamel pin. 

She was selling these items under her own name and trying to figure out the Bay Area craft fair circuit. But, she wasn’t always getting into these shows, and the shows were expensive! So she decided to throw her own event.

Her friends ran Lucky Duck Bicycle Cafe, a coffee shop in Oakland. So she got together 15 maker friends, all female-identified for an art market event. And the experience was so great!

So she did it again, and again.

GGC went from 15 artists in a small cafe to 120 artists at Scottish Rite Center today! Somewhere along the way she merged her personal brand with GGC and we have a whole feminist clothing line now.

Last year we expanded to LA, we hosted our first ever conference, and this year we are hosting a show in Sacramento as well as LA and Oakland.

Today GGC is a multi-dimensional community ready to serve female, non-binary, and trans creatives and entrepreneurs as they navigate their dreams. We offer craft fairs, educations + resources, and our clothing line comes in sizes xs-xxl and our uterus collection brings in 10% for Planned Parenthood.

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