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Our craft fairs are full of magic. 

Trippy Toya bumps her tunes, while Puma the Piglet greets fans.

Feminist cocktails in one hand and Topochico in the other hand. You just finished your tacos or poke bowl.

As an an attendee you just got your aura photo, bought some gorgeous mugs, tried on a couple pair of earrings, and are deciding between the print of the redwood tree for your mom, or the feminist RBG print for yourself.

As a vendor you’d be making money and talking to people about art. Your favorite things! Def still a cocktail in one hand, plus you just traded your polymer earrings for a top from the lady across the aisle.

We carry this magic into our online events and workshops. Sign up to see for yourself. 

Upcoming events

Upcoming events


Calling all Female -identified, trans + non-binary (+ now allied) creatives, makers, artists + healers

We are looking for badass entrepreneurs, creatives, artists + makers to vend at our shows!


Apply now!

Apply now!

What makes GGC different from other craft fairs?


Educational events


#smallbiz summit

Next Conference T B D


What they're saying

What they're saying

Sam Khaikin

"GGC events always feel the incredibly alive to me; there is always an interesting, vibrant, and diverse group of makers who bring an infectious energy. I always leave feeling so honored and blessed to be in the room with these incredibly inspiring (and dare I say, extremely *cool*) women and women-identifying makers."


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Join us online

Join us online

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