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Welcome to Girl Gang Craft, The Podcast, where we dive deep into all things business, wellness, creativity and activism for artists and entrepreneurs. Your host Phoebe Sherman talks to impactful female founders who share what it’s really like to grow a business, sharing their wins and failures along the way. You’ll walk away with practical steps you can take to create better results in your own life and business.

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On Business Wellness + Burnout Recovery


This week, Phoebe sits down with strategic planner and business coach, Tiffany Lauren Jones, to talk through her small business journey and unpack how she harnessed self-care, time management, and mindset tools to finally get off the burnout train and step into her power as a successful entrepreneur.

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How to SHOW You Are an Expert in Your Field


This week, Phoebe breaks down how to manage imposter syndrome so you can show up as an expert in your field. Learn how to lean into your expertise to create tiered levels of access in your business to capture emails, attract new customers, and keep them coming back. Perfect for both product- and service-based businesses!

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Manufacturing, Marketing, + Growing Your Biz


This week, Phoebe sits down with Tiffany Ju, responsible manufacturing advocate and designer/founder of Chunks Shop. Tune in as Tiffany shares her journey leading up to the hugely successful hair accessories brand, expands on why she is proud to manufacture her products in China, and offers her unconventional take on what makes for a stellar marketing strategy.

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"Branding is a practice, do the best you can. You will grow and change. Your logo may change, your voice may change, and your mission might change! Be gentle with yourself. Even Running your biz is a practice."


- Phoebe Sherman

Podcast topics

Podcast topics



Phoebe shares best practices when it comes to social media marketing, productivity, and what she wishes she knew when she was starting out building her now flourishing business and brand. You’ll walk away more confident and ready to reach new revenue goals to create the life of your dreams.

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