Level Up Academy

Are you a small business owner? An artist? A creative? A yoga teacher? A service provider? A coach? 

Are you feeling stuck? Like there is so much to learn and you are overwhelmed about the tools to use to succeed? (SEO, Instagram, Email Marketing etc)

Are you feeling lonely? Like there's a lack of community? 

Are you ready to feel more balanced? More connected? 

Are you ready to LEVEL UP? 

Introducing Level Up! Academy, a 6 week cohort for creatives. Next session starts all 2021

Calling all artists, entrepreneurs, makers, coaches, photographers, designers + healers

We are looking for badass entrepreneurs, who are ready to LEVEL UP and make lasting friendships while doing it.


Join us!

Join us!


Meet your Teacher

Phoebe Sherman is the founder of Girl Gang Craft, the host of Girl Gang Craft, the Podcast, and the teacher of Level Up Academy. She is an artist and entrepreneur and believes her mission is to share everything she has learned about running a business. Phoebe harnesses her 7 years of yoga teaching plus her knowledge of bootstrapping GGC to her courses. She believes with patience and persistence, we can get the job done and thrive while doing it. Learn more about Phoebe Sherman here.


What is level up academy?

What is level up academy?

Level Up Academy is a 6 week creative cohort for creatives + small business owners. For those who are new to business, or established veterans, this course is designed to give you the tools you need to level up, create the life you want (without all that stress!) and build community and relationships that you can lean on. 



What they're saying

What they're saying

This course is exactly what I needed. I have found tons of resources and one-off guides on the aspects of running a small business (thanks Google and social media!), but it has always been really hard to make it tangible and relate to MY biz. Phoebe broke it down so much more and was a true "coach" in this regard. She somehow made every lesson personally applicable while also making sense to the group. Also, it really helped to have the weekly accountability aspect. As a small biz owner, I struggle to set deadlines for myself because I'm always doing a million things at once. Being able to put work in then share with the group showed me what it takes to be consistent. Coming out of the course, my Instagram + Facebook + website are elevated (SO much more professional), I've started an email list, and I'm already seeing sales because of all of it!



Mondays 5 pm - 7 pm PST (with 10 min break)

April 5

April 12

April 19

April 26

May 3

May 10

All meetings recorded and saved to the private Academy Facebook group


April 21 5pm PST

May 5 5pm PST

Study Groups: TBA

Private Facebook group for Academy members to connect with each other and Phoebe. 

Office hours + Study groups


1 hr call: + $100

2  one hour calls: +$200 


This pricing is unheard of! Generally Phoebe’s coaching sessions are $250 for an hour.


Level Up Academy is just $277. That's right, get 6 weeks of classes, office hours, plus life long access to the private Level Up Academy Facebook group to connect with the Level Up Community (past and present) AND get access to Phoebe's expertise in the group.

Option to add on one-on-one coaching with Phoebe:

1 hr call: + $100

2  one hour calls: +$200


This pricing is unheard of! Generally Phoebe’s coaching sessions are $250 for an hour.



First 10 people to sign up get access to Level Up Academy for $220.

Clique Members also can sign up for $220.

Need financial assistance? Apply here for our scholarship program. 5 spots available. Applications due March 26.