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Episode 17

Episode 17


Phoebe welcomes you into 2021 with a look at how GGC navigated the pandemic and pivoted from in-person events in 2020. She gives details on how they brought their events online, created new offerings like this very podcast, how they managed brand partnerships virtually, and premiered their holiday directory which doubled their typical craft fair profits. Transparent as usual, Phoebe gives revenue numbers and an inside look at her thought process as lead her team with flexibility and creativity. She leaves you with tangible advice on planning 2021.

You can follow Phoebe Sherman's personal journey @phoebesherman on Instagram

Taxes and accounting course

Business Coven (formally Business Basics for Not-So-Basic Business Babes) is a comprehensive course on Bookkeeping, Taxes, and Business Structure.

So you can finally feel GOOD about the organization of your money, reduce your stress about taxes, and learn how to make important choices about your biz as you see your expenses and income quarterly.


GGC Classes

The GGC core classes are available until Jan 12. Grab the content class, email marketing, and brand partnerships all for $150, or opt-in for one class at $57. You can enroll now, and take the classes on your own time.

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