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Episode 2

Nurturing Finances + Self-Care during the Covid-19 Pandemic with Jessie Susannah

Phoebe interviews Jessie Susannah of Moneywitch. Jessie Susannah Karnatz, aka $Money Witch$, is an Intuitive Financial Coach, Small Business Alchemist, bookkeeper, and tax preparer bringing Capitalism-Critical Business Lady Swag to clients in the Bay Area and via Skype.

She is very involved in the Girl Gang Craft Community, and taught her Taxes as Self-Care workshop in 2019 at the GGC #smallbiz summit.

Her Not-so-Basic Business Babes,a comprehensive course on Bookkeeping, Taxes, and Business Structure is available here.

Jessie Susannah talks about her business having 3 parts: product, taxes, + education, and each year she focuses on a different component. Last year was a product year where she pushed getting her product line into retail stores, and 2020 seems to be a tax year!

Episode 2



Jessie Susannah

Go back to the core of what your offering is, and then build from there. You may need to rebuild. What you offered last year, might not be viable this year, and that can be intense. But the worst thing you can do is hang onto something that doesn't work.

Her dreams consist of building a Moneywitch brick and mortar, think like an H+R block, but Waaay cooler. Her goal is to help clients dig through spiritual blockages that prohibit them from making poor financial decisions, or more commonly, no decisions at all in regards to bookkeeping and taxes. She often sees these avoidance tactics, and teaches that this actually aids in your disempowerment.

She got her start as a sex worker in SF, and got the opportunity to buy a business. Since then her business has shifted, but always in the direction of helping small businesses navigate their finances, sprinkled with some magic. Her product line, full of gem essences + sprays, help cultivate the abundance mindset. You can find her products on her site or in stores nationwide.

At the time of this recording, we are in the middle of a global pandemic with Covid-19. California is in shelter in place, and we are heading towards a global recession and likely, a depression. A lot of our listeners are artists, makers, and entrepreneurs and they often work another job, like at a restaurant, and that security does not exist in this time. There is a lot of fear, anxiety and depression right now.

What are the ways we can cope with our anxiety and move forward financially in this time, especially if you have lost income or have no income?

Jessie Susannah suggests:

1. Try to maintain some sort of mindfulness practice, whether it’s meditation or yoga, or just breathing, whatever you can do to calm the mind.

2. Call your credit card companies, your bank, your loans, your car payments your utilities and see if you can pause payments and interests. You must say that your income has been directly been impacted by Covid-19 when calling up these companies.
(Things are unfolding. So the benefits and implementations may increase depending on this crisis. )

3. Next, make sure you’ve applied for unemployment if you’ve lost your income. Although it is unclear in this time if certain states are ready for self-employed persons to apply.
Edit: Sole proprietors + small businesses can start to apply for unemployment in CA April 28.



Jessie Susannah

Your business needs to fill a need, so if people's needs change, then just take a look at that. What are the new needs? What can you give the people what they need now? Not what they needed last year.

4. Ask your landlord for rent reduction, talk to your neighbors to see if they are paying and what their situation is. See if you can create some solidarity or perhaps join for a rent strike
Edit: keep in mind landlords may also be financially strained in this time, and may have to continue paying their mortgage, they are not necessarily the enemy.

If your biz is not viable in this epidemic, then figure out something adjacent to bring in revenue. We’ve seen wellness professionals offer classes online, massage therapists offer classes for couple massages, artists turn to teaching workshops.

“Our business is our place of empowerment for so many of us,” Jessie Susannah says, so take the time to grieve. Take that pause, if you need it, but then use this opportunity to take a look at your biz and see how you can create revenue or clean house.

Once unemployment kicks in, maybe you use this time to create an “Unemployment Corona Virus Residency 2020” and use the time to be creative and get your bookkeeping in order, learn how to do your taxes, or make that decision about incorporation. Do your trademark application, or change your scheduling app. Because we do not have control over the global circumstances, but you do ultimately have control over your biz.

Her thoughts on the tax extension:

She suggests getting your taxes done on time (or as soon as possible), even though there is an extension. As we know, taxes weigh on our soul. So if you’re extending and extending and extending, there is literally not a time you do not have your taxes due, and who wants that?

Jessie Susannah talks about signing her first book deal!! And you can too! Her advice?



Jessie Susannah

Talk to many publishers, if you can.

Get a lawyer

Talk to people who already have book deals, and figure out what their deal looks like. Kinda like sisterhood when we all discuss salaries, so we know how to negotiate.

You can follow Jessie Susannah's personal journey @money.witch, Youtube, and her Site.

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Take the Class

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So you can finally feel GOOD about the organization of your money, reduce your stress about taxes, and learn how to make important choices about your biz as you see your expenses and income quarterly. Who’s in?

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