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Episode 2

Nurturing Finances + Self-Care during the Covid-19 Pandemic with Jessie Susannah

Phoebe interviews Jessie Susannah of Moneywitch. Jessie Susannah Karnatz, aka $Money Witch$, is an Intuitive Financial Coach, Small Business Alchemist, bookkeeper, and tax preparer bringing Capitalism-Critical Business Lady Swag to clients in the Bay Area and via Skype.

She is very involved in the Girl Gang Craft Community, and taught her Taxes as Self-Care workshop in 2019 at the GGC #smallbiz summit.

Her Not-so-Basic Business Babes,a comprehensive course on Bookkeeping, Taxes, and Business Structure is available here.

Jessie Susannah talks about her business having 3 parts: product, taxes, + education, and each year she focuses on a different component. Last year was a product year where she pushed getting her product line into retail stores, and 2020 seems to be a tax year!

Episode 2


Business Basics for Not so basic business babes

A comprehensive course on Bookkeeping, Taxes, and Business Structure.

So you can finally feel GOOD about the organization of your money, reduce your stress about taxes, and learn how to make important choices about your biz as you see your expenses and income quarterly. Who’s in?

Grab the course for just $111.


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