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Episode 26

Episode 26

Intuitive Eating + Body Neutrality

For so many of us, the relationship we experience with food and nutrition is deeply complicated. With “wellness” culture invading our day-to-day lives, whether it’s on our social feeds or in our product recommendations from Google, the path to true wellbeing can be a winding one with what feels like several pitfalls along the way. How do we even begin?

In this all-too-relevant episode, Phoebe sits down with Molly to explore the toxic mechanisms of diet culture and how practices such as intuitive eating and body neutrality can help each of us on our journey to better living. Molly breaks down the trap of “yo-yo dieting,” how we can begin to approach eating intuitively, and why body neutrality can help us break free from obsessive patterns so that we can reclaim our energy, our time, and our health.

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