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Episode 36

On Becoming an Accomplice to change

Ask Dr. Akilah Cadet how to be a better ally, and she’ll first tell you this: Allyship is a waste of time, because allyship allows for comfort.

Instead, the Founder and CEO of Change Cadet, an organizational development consulting firm offering a wide array of anti-racism and diversity services for companies and global brands, calls on each of us to join the lifelong work of being an ACCOMPLICE to change.

This week, Phoebe sits down for a powerful discussion with Dr. Cadet on the slippery nature of allyship and how all of us can become soldiers of change in the workforce (and beyond) through a consistent process of learning and unlearning the biases and privileges that shape us. Tune in to learn how Dr. Cadet drew on her many experiences of judgment, “isms,” and barriers in the workplace when evolving Change Cadet, how she finds room for causeless, selfish joy, and why she believes Beyoncé is the gold standard for leadership.

Episode 36


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