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Episode 40

Episode 40

How to Find Inspiration Through Adversity

When it comes to life’s difficulties, artists are expected to be in their element (“starving artist” trope, anyone?) But how do artists actually find the motivation, inspiration, and opportunity to create in the face of hardship?

This week, Phoebe is joined by Fernanda Martínez, an Oakland-based artist and founder of La Tinta Art, who reflects on the ways the COVID-19 pandemic shaped and shifted her journey as a muralist and fine artist. Tune in to hear Fernanda’s story: Learn why she chose to work under a brand name; how she has found licensing opportunities with big retailers like Anthropologie; how the pandemic brought both blessings and burdens to her business; and how, through it all, she’s found beauty and inspiration in her world.

Connect with Fernanda on IG: @tinta_art
Explore her work:

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