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Episode 50

[0:1:08] How did you get into this? Miss Melinda started her journey when she realized that she had a natural tendency towards healing and towards psychic abilities from when she was a young child. As she began got get older she was able to recognize that other people weren't experiencing the same things. When she turned 15 that is when she started studying and taking it more seriously.

[0:6:19] What kind of experiences that you were having? As a child, Miss Melinda saw spirits quite frequently and she had a lot of very Intense spiritual dreams. She also had an awareness of reincarnation, and an awareness of some of her past lives as a child.

[0:9:18] When did you bridge the gap between studying for yourself and helping others in exchange for finances?

It was definitely a natural progression! Miss Melinda was always informally helping people and had a natural tendency towards some sort of healing. Eventually she became more studied in her craft and developed her skill into a more formal business.

[12:33] How did you start to shape your business?- Not only did Miss Melinda have experience with starting an online witchy business, she also had an amazing local community that were super supportive of her and her new business!

[15:38] So what kind of things do you offer? Miss Melinda offers all kinds of psychic readings , spiritual coachings and teachings, and her very popular magical mentorship, where she assist you with leaning how to cast spells, practice magic, and psychic development.

[16:59] How does Patreon work and how has it been successful for your business? The Patreon platform has helped Melinda build her online community aka her Mystic membership! It has been a great way for her to create more consistency in income and it played a huge role in allowing me to ease out of those side jobs and become more fully independent.

[23:44] What advice do you have for people who are doubting themselves and their abilities? It's really healthy to question yourself and to reevaluate as long as you're not doing it in a judgemental way.

[26:24] In what ways can we access our intuition easier? The first and easiest way to more actively access your intuition is to have a meditation practice. Meditation helps you develop mindfulness and a clearer concentration. These things allow you some space in your mind so that you can actually observe what's happening with you.

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