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Episode 55

Phoebe and Laura jump right into how being part of a community is an incredible experience - but that it doesn’t come without complications - like imposter syndrome.

[15:32] “I think there's a lot of impostor syndrome in the witch community as well. Like, I'm not rich enough, or I'm not a real business or whatever. I'm not an artist, right? All of these things - yes. “Other people are that - I'm not that.” That's a bunch of bullshit that we all need to work through, stepping into these things, and then it's going to work better, right? …Stepping into being a business owner. There's power in taking that work on.”

With witchcraft being a community and an identity for Laura, she explains how these alignments translate so strongly to being a creator - or in Laura’s case, a creatrix.

[16:42] “Witchcraft goes great with being a creative because witchcraft to me, is all about knowing your power, and knowing that it comes from inside of you.

And that it can be a little bit lonely, you know. Historically, all of it is a little isolating. But I think there's a reason for that, and it's been really interesting seeing the communities that have formed from social media, and how it's affected witches today.”

Going deeper on the topic of imposter syndrome and the endless list of insecurities that pop up when creating something, Phoebe questions where these feelings even come from. She reminds listeners that growth can’t happen without letting go of some of the things that keep you “in the weeds.”

[20:45] “Where do we get these ideas - and like, how do we take these things on that make us feel shame or guilt? Or… not enough? for all of these things. A lot of our community, they want to make everything. They don’t feel like it’s their product if their hands aren’t making it. And we’re not going to be able to grow that way. You can only make so many things - you’re not going to be able to scale. That’s where entrepreneurship comes in.”

For Laura, a big key to keeping those inferior feelings out lies in not getting too “in the weeds” with her social media stats.

[39:40] “I'm not like a person that'll post something, and then check the analytics of the posts. It's really hard to get viewed now. I think I know why that is - people are tired. And our attention spans are short.

So when you're scrolling through things, even “liking” something takes a second - it takes too much time. And so I understand why it has to be really eye- catching and interesting for people to pay attention, and I get that, I respect that. But it's hard.”
And finally, Laura reminds us, you can’t do it all. Even the biggest companies outsource the day-to-day.

[40:35] You're putting out good things, things people in the past have wanted to see. I think looking at those things fucks with your mental health. For me personally, I see why big corporations hire people to do that. Being the one doing everything yourself is exhausting. It's insane.

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