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Episode 57

How did you come up with the “Do Less Club”?

I realized through my work with creators that we are all ever evolving human beings trying to figure it all out on this ever-changing app. And that is really tough. I coined this phrase “Do Less Club” as a joke on my podcast. I don't even know why I said it... And it turned into this thing that I've said all the time. I got asked to make merch with it, and it was this weird baffling moment of, “oh, this is something that we all struggle with!” We're all burnt out. We all don't know how to slow down. We're all doing too much, and we wish we could do less. This is not me saying don't work hard. It's me saying, get out of your head. Start doing less, because you actually don't need to drag yourself through the mud every day. This doesn't need to feel gross.

How did the Do Less Club start, and how has it evolved?

The Do Less Club really started on a whim. This time last year I launched my agency formally, launched my podcast, launched six mini courses, and I launched a new round of my program all within the same week. Stupid, stupid... I burnt out heavily. I took all of my programs that I spent so much time creating and loving and diving into and said, “I hate all of this. I don't want to sell this. I don't want to market it. It's giving me the ick. I don't know why it's giving me the ick…” And it was just because it wasn't aligned. The format wasn't right for me, and I wasn't talking to people the way that I wanted to because I was following all of those marketing business “shoulds.” I thought I needed to build up this full offer suite. I thought I needed things at every price level, and that wasn't the path for me. So in starting the Do Less Club. I turned my previous work into this 12-week program that I launched within a week. I do many trainings every week, and this one is 15 minutes. I don't want you spending more time than that. I know we're all busy, and [these sessions] are really about your messaging. It's about diving in deeper to who you are as a person and figuring out how we can bring this personal brand to light. I have office hours two times a week, which we tend to stay on for far too long, where we can actually implement and talk about all of these issues that we have as creators that no one else gets. I have office hours two times a week, which we tend to stay on for far too long, where we can actually implement and talk about all of these issues that we have as creators that no one else gets.

How did you figure out how to format your pricing for your agency?

This was a huge conversation between me and my business partner when we first started because his automatic response was that clients should pay a monthly fee. And I was like, “no, no, no, no, that's not going to work. That's not what creators are used to.” I knew it wasn’t going to happen, especially if we couldn’t guarantee results for that month no matter what we're working on. So we actually just take a commission of 20%, and that's really why we're so picky about our clients because we're going all in on them and not guaranteeing pay.

What would you say is the advantage of building up your personal brand as a maker?

There's so much power in personal branding. So many people just love watching the process of things being made, that it opens up so many new doors for the people that aren't actually interested in pressing “buy” right now. They might love your stuff, they might love watching your content every single day, but they’re not going to buy. And that's the weird, terrible piece of social media. So I mean, how can you show off that process and yourself? How can you step into that main character spotlight in just telling a story about your art while you're actually doing a piece of it? It’s about telling a story. You can simplify and just use B-roll that you're filming of you making it your products. There's so many different ways that you can show up. It doesn't have to be the lip syncing. And actually, I encourage you to not lip synch.

How do you prioritize and balance your tasks between your different business ventures?

There's so many moving pieces. I think what I've learned throughout all of this, I mean bad day or slow day, is that as long as I'm making sure that I am making things scalable in the long term, that's my only goal. I need to cry about it now, create the template now, spend more time on it now so that I won't spend time on it long term because I can't fuss about some kind of Canva document every time I need to make something. I can't write same email 12 billion times. I need to template it.

What advice do you have for creators that are feeling a little burnt out? Harley

Turn down the noise as much as possible. Unfollow the people that are talking about new features, new hacks. Unfollow the people that are promoting trending audio all the time. You don't need to do that. And if it does feel right to you, by all means, go for trending audio, go for lip syncs. But if it gives you the ick, you do not have to do it. Stop thinking about every content piece as this revolutionary genius idea. It can be a baby bite of information. It can be something completely off the cuff that you're thinking throughout the day. Think about the memes that you send your friends or partner. That is content. And the value doesn't need to be educational. It can be relatable because there's so much value in the journey. So often I don't need a solution. I don't need that tangible value, I want validation. So take power in that…find out what is giving you the ick and see if you can you avoid it like the plague. Is that possible? And if it's not, how can you make it feel better? I really think that is the first step.

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