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Episode 58

Camly Nguyen on Feeding Your Soul With a 5 to 9

“Life's too short to not do all the things you love.” These are the words Camly Nguyen lives by. Camly is a well-known food and travel content creator who has worked with some of the biggest names in the food and beverage industry. But her online business is actually her creative outlet, one that she purposefully keeps separate from her 9 to 5 working as a data and strategy lead for Russell Westbrook schools in LA. Her amazing work ethic and tried-and-true brand partnership strategies allow her the space to make time for all the things she’s passionate about, and make small, local businesses more successful in the process.

In this conversation between Camly and Phoebe Sherman you will learn:

✿The value you can gain keeping your creative endeavors separate from your 9 to 5
✿How to build mutually beneficial brand partnerships with businesses of any size that you’re passionate about
✿Content licensing best practices for any budget
✿Tips for working with restaurants, small businesses, hotels, and tourism boards
✿How to simplify your storytelling process in order to make the highest impact
✿Effective strategies for repurposing content


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