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Episode 59

The Joy of Bad Crafting with Sam Reece

Sam Reece is famous for being good at comedy, writing, and crafting. But in order to be really good in her creative pursuits, she had to learn how to be bad. In this conversation with Phoebe Sherman, Sam talks about the origin of her viral “Shitty Craft Club” brand and how she turned it into a source for self love, career development and community.

In this episode you will learn:
How making time for “shitty crafting” can boost your self-esteem and work opportunities
How to nurture your creative practice without “selling your soul”
Lessons learned from turning a viral event series into a sustainable brand
Strategies for finding your niche and creating content that aligns with your intuition and unique voice
Tips for setting yourself up for success if you have the goal to publish a book
Comedic, effective ideas for getting peoples’ attention in your videos


Run your own damn craft fair

Is there not a craft fair in your home town? Are you wanting to create more opportunities for the craft community? Do you want to add on a revenue stream that is OH SO FUN! This is the workshop for you.


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