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Episode 6

The 6 Elements of Brand Identity

A brand is the way the public can identify your business and thus your products or offerings. It’s what makes you biz MORE THAN your products + offerings.

When you’re scrolling through instagram, what makes you “follow” a page? Is it the color scheme? Their cohesive imagery? Is it what they are selling? Or how they are selling it?

All of the above questions are considered when marketing experts develop a brand. And this is why branding is important. Branding tells a story, it creates a need for your product or service. It creates community, sparks a dialogue. This is what makes a business be more than a business. This is why girl gang craft has been successful, we are more than our product, more than our instagram. We are a community. What comes to mind when you think of Girl Gang Craft? Community, empowerment, creativity, entrepreneur, education, feminism, these are the essence of our brand and are created with a combination of visual + experiential assets.

Episode 6



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