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Episode 60

Styling Your Sales Funnel With Elizabeth Stiles

This week we are in conversation with one of Girl Gang Craft’s kindred spirits across the pond. Elizabeth Stiles left her successful career in the fashion industry in the UK to teach multi-hyphenate entrepreneurs what she knew best: manufacturing, marketing, and mindset. Her business journey flourished from a one-to-one approach to a large online community and course offerings for people who want to improve their sales for their product-based businesses.

In this episode you will learn:
✿Elizabeth’s “3 M’s” of running a successful product-based business
✿Real-life strategies for making enough money to be a self-employed creator
✿How to avoid common “bossy friend” pitfalls in your content strategy
✿How to set up a balanced mix of “discover, nurture, and outreach” channels without having to invest in a platform you hate
✿Why memes have the potential to be your most effective ad campaigns
✿How to get out of your comfort zone so you can avoid “shiny object syndrome” aka “SOS”


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