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Episode 64

Mindful metrics: How to understand analytics + boost sales as a small business with Janine Mulone

Janine Mulone, founder of Feel Good Retail, is the indie brand hype squad we need as small business owners to cheer us on for our growth and encourage us when sales are low. With her stacked resume launching brands and opening brick and mortars, Janine curates her consultations with actionable strategies catered to your business to drive sales and bring longevity to your brand.

In this episode, we go all in on how to understand sales analytics in an approachable way by evaluating the numbers and curating metrics to boost profit margins. We learn that simply adjusting your website user experience can positively affect web traffic, increase conversion rate, and lead to a greater average order (which is what it’s all about!)

Key Points, Quotes, and Highlights:
✿ Audience growth ≠ business growth! How using local publications, advertisements, and newsletters can bring you stronger customer loyalty than an influx of followers ever will.
✿ “All parts of running your business should feel really amazing” Janine talks us through how to mend anxieties around learning operational strategy as a creative business
✿ How to watch the relationship between online vs in-person sales and adjust product performance by applying front-facing customer feedback to your listings
✿ Newsletter, Newsletter, Newsletter! Why re-telling your story and sending out regular check-ins continues to be essential in customer connectivity
✿ “Instagram can be really strong and powerful, but it cannot be your whole business” Why it’s important to ask yourself which part of the sales funnel is posting on instagram supporting


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Phoebe and Mat's wedding Was amazing!

Special shout out to wedding donations from Wynk, Lesser Evil, and 21 seeds Tequila)

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