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Episode 68

Tough self-love: How to take radical responsibility
and own your business decisions with Angela Henderson

Angela Henderson’s drive to see women find independent success is the heart and soul of her self made consulting business. Through her work and from her own life’s journey, Angela helps lead her clients to a worthy life of self-love and acceptance by creating a path to healing inner traumas, shedding unfulfilling relationships, and owning accountability in order to grow a profitable business without compromising a life with purpose and freedom.

In our conversation, Angela tells us how she dives into the root cause of her clients’ roadblocks and exposes the harsh truths about what’s keeping their business from taking off (hint: it’s ourselves, we hold us back). Through her lessons, she guides her clients to maximize consciousness through daily gratitude and growth by honoring their journey.

Key Topics and Quotes:
✿ How to hold ourselves accountable for our decisions, choices, and responsibilities, no matter how challenging
✿ Trust in self: why we should lean further into our intuition when we’re ready to make a change in our business
✿ Angela asks us, “What and who are you no longer available for in 2024? And what are you going to do to start taking responsibility for your life in your business?”
✿ We talk about shedding scarcity mindset, “We think we want the money, but we don't really want the money. We want the time, we want the freedom, we want the memories. Money is just the tool.


E-mail Marketing Class

Learn how grow your list and engage with your target customer in their own inbox.


Taxes and accounting course

"Business Coven (formally Business Basics for Not-So-Basic Business Babes) is a comprehensive course on Bookkeeping, Taxes, and Business Structure.

So you can finally feel GOOD about the organization of your money, reduce your stress about taxes, and learn how to make important choices about your biz as you see your expenses and income quarterly."

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