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Episode 77

Dear Handmade Life with Nicole Stevenson

Nicole Stevenson, founder of Dear Handmade Life, is a pillar in the creation of California Craft Fairs. Phoebe and Nicole talk about the beginning days of starting Craft Cation and Dear Handmade Life, growing a successful business by managing a team, dedicating time to being creative, and balancing it all while being present for her family.

Key Points:
✿ Nicole tells us about the early days of starting a craft fair business and being challenged to show that she should be taken seriously
✿ How hiring a team has brought Nicole balance and helped her gain the ability to delegate tasks as a CEO
✿ “Any progress you’re making towards your goals is progress. Even if you’re just working on it 5 minutes a night, you’re getting closer to that dream”
✿ On being intentional when consuming social media, “Look and say, this is my time. I'm making this decision. This is my intent”
✿ What we’re seeing small biz owners struggle with the most is keeping up with marketing and social media
✿ How to utilize project management systems to be on track of your goals like using airtable, asana, google calendar, or batching and scheduling content so you don’t burn out from posting



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