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Episode 78

Foodie Feminism and Opening a Flagship with Amy Larson

Amy Larson is the founder of culinary retail brand Overseasoned and the owner of her Newport, Rhode Island flagship store Matriarch, a gift and book shop that spotlights woman owned businesses. In this episode, Amy tells us how she transformed her love of food from a side hustle, to a full-time business venture. How vending at craft fairs expanded her audience and grew customer interest, and when she seized the moment to go all in with Overseasoned to build a sustainable and profitable feminist forward business.

Key moments:
✿ From Markets to Brick and Mortar; How Amy’s dive into craft fairs helped her grow her brand to the opening of her storefront.
✿ Amy's strategies to increase sales and move sticky inventory
✿ How pairing her love of food with feminism resonates with her customers, “I do have a community and social responsibility aligned with my business and so I'm looking out for ways to speak to those things that people are really caring about.”
✿ On expanding to wholesale, “Growing my wholesale business helped me get a lot more exposure, and I still think that wholesale is an amazing strategy.”
✿ Finding the right balance for product inventory for in store customers, online shoppers, wholesale buyers, and for pop ups or craft fairs.
✿ On being a buyer and on Faire, “I refine it to women owned business. I also want to be a place to introduce people to brands, especially if they're really small or they're getting started or they have this unique offering.”



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