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Episode 84

Reinventing the Family Business with Payal and Kajal Vitha of Sonu Company

The sisters and co-founders behind Sonu Company Payal and Kajal Vitha, share their family’s legacy of becoming a bespoke jewelry business. As 3rd generation jewelers, Payal and Kajal tell us about launching their business together, their fruitful dive into reality television, and the reinvention of their business that was inspired by their Dad’s impactful role in the jewelry industry.

Key Moments:

✿ Launching their biz from the need to help guide couples to find the right set ring for them
✿ “It shouldn’t break the bank to invest in good quality jewelry”
✿ “We’re your jewelers for generations.” how Sonu Co creates an atmosphere that encourages you to come back for all of your jewelry needs
✿ Pitching and being chosen as featured jewelers for the reality couple shows Indian Matchmaking, The Ultimatum, and Love Is Blind
✿ We learn about the Kimberly process, mine diamonds vs. lab grown, and the difference between 14, 18, and 22 karat gold.
✿ “If you’re on a reality show, always have a plan B!” Their fun behind the scenes experience being in front of the camera when filming Indian Matchmaking



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