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Episode 89

Behind the Lens of Colorful Photography

Anna-Alexia Basile is a San Francisco-based fashion, travel, and commercial photographer. She grew up splitting her time between Italy and the tropics of Florida where warm bodies of water, sunshine, and the colorful surroundings shaped her vision.
In this episode, Phoebe and Anna-Alexia chat about Anna-Alexia’s unexpected entrance into the photography industry from her starting role as an intern for Refinery 29, shooting style pieces for Art Basel, to launching her own photography business and exploring new creative and colorful realms of editorial photography.
✿ Creating boundaries with clients; Why it’s crucial to have a contract for any client facing work, how to recognize when clients show us their red flags, whether their needs aren’t in alignment with our work or if they may not fulfill their payment obligations.
✿ “It's rare, but sometimes clients are like, oh, we like we pay you before we get the finals? And I'm like, yeah, you pay before you leave the restaurant.”
✿ Defining Usage: where and how your work will be displayed, and how terms are differentiated depending on what the client’s final product will be used for.
✿ Feeling in alignment with the work you do and seeking out new creative outlets in your industry
✿ “I'm really doing my best with my clients to normalize being paid upfront and under really reasonable terms. That sets the expectation and the etiquette for how we're going to behave in our business relationship.”

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