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Episode 90

Intentional Practices for Weddings & Craft Fairs with Phoebe Sherman

In this solo episode, Phoebe tells us about five intentional practices for throwing a craft fair or a wedding and how she brings intentional meaning into her event planning from the Girl Gang Craft Fairs to her own summer camp inspired wedding.
Key points
✿ “The Art of Gathering” by Priya Parker

✿ Finding your “Why”

✿ Being intentional about curating a vibe

✿ Communication with your vendors, staff, guests, and attendees

✿ Being present on the day of

✿ Following up and the importance of sending thank you notes


rsvp to our craft fairs

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Craft Fair Class

Is there not a craft fair in your home town? Are you wanting to create more opportunities for the craft community? Do you want to add on a revenue stream that is OH SO FUN! This is the workshop for you.

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