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Craft Fair season is HERE! In fact, it has most likely been going on for you since early November and finishes mid December. We are IN IT together. We know it can be a CRAZY season for you as a maker and small business owner as you are making your items, packing orders, planning social media, coordinating facebook ads, and maybe even working a 9-5 on top of that! Plus of course you’re spending your weekends slinging your goods at craft fairs. Whew, it is A LOT. But we see you! You are killing it sis!

We are here to help. Here is a GGC guide to make sure your craft fairs are successful and worth your time and money!

Here are 5 tips to make sure you have a KICK ASS craft fair.

1. GET A WAGON/CART Honestly, this was the best holiday present I’ve ever received. My mom got this for me, before Girl Gang Craft was Girl Gang Craft. A cart/wagon/dolly is a MUST for any craft fair. Where you load-in or park a can be a decent trek from your set-up, and you’re going to want those wheels to carry all your goods! You can stack all of the things on the wagon (we suggest large tupperware for your items, and these all magically stack well in the wagon!) For larger items (like shelves or paneling) a dolly can be a great way to carry things to your set-up spot.  I promise this is 1000 times better than you carrying in 2 boxes at a time.  Here’s a wagon + dolly we like:

2. BRING SNACKS This may seem silly, or mom-ish, but snacks are VITAL to your craft fair success. Most craft fairs do have food options, but if you’re working your booth by yourself, or if you want to save some cash, packing a lunch and snacks from home is a really good option. We at GGC like packing sandwiches or salads, maybe a piece of fruit, and definitely a bar of chocolate. Feeding yourself is INSTRUMENTAL to your energy and when you’re well-fed, you can be more focused on selling and engaging with your customers.

3. BRING A GOOD ATTITUDE + DO NOT BE ON YOUR PHONE YOU and YOUR ENERGY are what creates a positive experience for your customers and brings in the revenue! Customers that stumble upon your booth want to meet the human behind the brand and want to support YOU. If you are in a bad mood, or not paying attention to a potential paying customer, you WILL lose them and the sale. Engage with your customers, ask them about their day, ask them if they are shopping for themselves or others (especially if it’s around the holiday season). I LOVE this question, because you can get an exact idea of what they’re looking for. And the more info you have, the more specific info you can give. And the more info the customer has in relationship to what they’re looking for, the more educated they can be in their decisions. You can also tell them about your making process,, what your brand stands for, and how you got started.  Interaction=SALES When you are on your phone, your audience infers that you do not care, and that what is on your phone is more important than your customer. You receive the energy you put out. BE positive, get rest the night before, take care of yourself, and be excited about your product. The craft fair attendees will feel that energy, come inside your booth, and turn into paying customers. 4. COLLECT EMAILS The attendees at the craft fair may not initially know about you and your brand. This is an opportunity to not only educate them about your brand and sell to them then there, but use it as an opportunity to invite them into your inner circle. Once you have their email, you are able to notify them of future offers or deals. You need to have a way for them to get on your email list. You can do a raw collection form, aka just a notebook where they write their info, or maybe you even have extra incentive to convince your customers to sign up for your updates like raffling off a prize or explaining that the inner circle gets the best discounts + deals. (If you do not have an email list/newsletter, now is the time to start one!) 5. SIGNAGE IS CLEAR + ON-BRAND Make sure people know where to find you IRL or outside the craft fair (or online). Have business cards to hand out, or maybe if you’re hosting an event, specific fliers about that event.  Your signage should be LOUD + PROUD and “on-brand,” so people can see it and recognize you when they first walk down the aisle.  Make sure your website, instagram and any other available information (like brick + mortar address if you have one) is readily available and easily seen. We hoped this helped! For more info on Craft Fair Success see: Girl Gang Craft Free Booth Build-Out For more Bay Area Craft Fair Vibes: 9 FALL + WINTER BAY AREA CRAFT FAIRS TO ATTEND OR APPLY TO AS A MAKER Here are other items we suggest to LEVEL UP on that craft fair success!

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