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Abortion is Healthcare Flag

Abortion is Healthcare Flag


Car flags:

1 for $28, 2 for $50


Double sided knitted polyester fabric

Comes with 50cm pole + hardware to attach to car windows

$5 will be donated to abortion funds from each flag


Large flags (pole + flag clips not included):

3 x 5 ft double sided durable polyester fabric with dye sublimation printing

2 brass grommets for hanging 

$7  for abortion funds


Deliver date TBD



Disclaimer: Please be safe while choosing to fly these flags, we understand that each persons' circumstances and climate may be different.


We are 😡😡😡😡 and we're gonna SHOW IT. We're gonna hang these flags from the back of our Honda fits (And Subarus, and pickup trucks, and Corollas). ABORTION IS HEALTHCARE and we are going to FIGHT the overturning of Roe v Wade. 


These flags do not solve the problem, but we WILL be collecting $$ for abortion funds.  We are working to figure out the how to best allocate these funds and will keep you updated. Many of the trigger state abortion funds are pausing right now to protect their team and to see what the legal consequences are. We will look to leaders to figure out the best use of the funds and inform you all. We want to make sure these funds go to the orgs that are doing the most to fight and support those in need of abortions.