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Make a killer meme for your brand

Make a killer meme for your brand


Memes to this day are GGC's highest performing content. Yes, often more so than our reels. They’re a sweet way to connect with your audience in a fresh and edgy way and show your understanding of their emotions + pain points. Memes have a place in EVERY entrepreneur’s social media strategy, but executing a killer meme is often easier said than done.So, we made a how-to guide on how to make on-point memes for your biz.If memes are your love language (or you’d just like to inject more humor and playful energy into your social game), this cheat sheet breaks down how to make them for YOUR audience.It covers:

  • How to source (and credit!) images for your meme
  • How to fit a meme to your niche in a timely and relevant way
  • How to add text to your meme (and convert it to a Reel format by using a video clip)
  • How to seal the deal with a witty, snappy caption

Happy Meme Making!