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A female-forward platform and community for creatives and entrepreneurs. We are California’s largest women’s craft fair! We offer workshops, events + resources for small businesses to thrive. Our feminist clothing line is available in inclusive sizing which includes our Uterus collection that collects 10% for Planned Parenthood.

Our mission

Our mission

Our mission is to create space + resources for artists and entrepreneurs to THRIVE + create a life of financial freedom doing what they love.

Our story

Girl Gang Craft came to life in August of 2017 when Phoebe Sherman gathered 15 artistic friends to sell their goods in at Luckyduck Cafe in Oakland, CA. The craft fair world was hard to break into, and not to mention expensive. Phoebe wanted to create a place for women creatives to continue exploring and sharing their passion without having to pay an arm and a leg. There was magic in the air that first day, and so Phoebe decided to do it again, and again.

Together we rise

Together we rise

Since that first day in 2017, Girl Gang Craft has expanded to multiple cities across California. Our Oakland event now fosters 120 artists under one roof. We’ve made a big pivot to create educational content for entrepreneurs including a conference, blog posts, workshops, worksheets, and a podcast focused on creativity, wellness, business and activism for artists and entrepreneurs.


Together we rise. Together we lift up small businesses. Together we fight sexism, racism, and lift each other up.


Phoebe Sherman is born and raised in the Bay Area.  She has a BA from UC Santa Cruz in Fine Art and Feminist Studies and runs Girl Gang Craft from her home office in Oakland, CA. She spends most of her time practicing yoga, making art, and creating magic with Girl Gang Craft. You can find her traveling, eating, and hiking when she’s not working. 

Meet Phoebe

Meet Phoebe

As seen in

As seen in



Yucca Valley

The End

San Diego

Often Wander





Manitou Springs

La Henna Boheme


New Orleans

Glitter Box




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