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Episode 34

Episode 34

Finding Myself in
Joy + Ease

It’s strangely true that looking back can help pave the way forward, especially following what has felt, for so many of us, like an endless push to an unclear future. In this week’s episode, Phoebe reflects on the past two years of life and business and how the struggles and successes she experienced in a time of instability (hello, 2020-2021) helped her rediscover herself in moments of authentic joy.

Tune in for a thoughtful trip down memory lane as Phoebe guides listeners through GGC’s pandemic-motivated pivot and shares the realities of the process: launching the GGC podcast, bringing the biz online, reshaping brand partnerships, cultivating community in a virtual world, and building a team from the ground up.

You can follow Phoebe Sherman's personal journey @phoebesherman on Instagram.

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