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Episode 48

[0:1:23] How did 21 Seeds start?

Kat's journey began when she became ill one day and decided to go to the doctor to find out what was happening. Her doctor was particularly interested in what Kat was eating and drinking and believed that wine was to blame for Kat not feeling well. He advised her to switch to distilled spirits, and soon after, she began infusing her Blanco tequila at home with fruits, giving birth to 21 Seeds!

[0:30:06] Can you tell us about the process of raising capital for your company?

Initially, the 21 Seeds team traveled to Mexico to guarantee that their infused tequila could be produced commercially and on a large scale. During that time, they used their own money until they had a product that could be manufactured commercially, at which point they began seeking funds. Kat advises not to worry so much about making sure everything is buttoned up. It's more important that they understand what you're going to use the money for.

[0:36:16] What was your marketing process like?

Given the high cost of marketing today, Kat opted to implement a HYPER concentrated + targeted marketing plan. This enabled them to direct all of their marketing dollars to their power user- find them, figure out where they are, and introduce them to the brand. They also made sure to figure out their customer’s affinities by analyzing their data.

[0:36:16] How did you mold your organic reach on Instagram?

Put your data findings to work! After you've gathered all of your data, you can start creating content that your audience would enjoy. Kat emphasizes the importance of developing a personality for your business and determining how your brand shows up for your audience on a regular basis and maintaining consistency!

[0:47:57] So what’s next for 21 Seeds?

The Seed Squad Starter set of 50 ML minis will be released by 21 Seeds next year! It's the ideal Galentine's Day gift, with three delicious flavors!

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