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Episode 53

[0:0:31] Who are you and what do you do?

Jocelyn calls herself an intuitive business and abundance coach and feminine energy healer. She helps women step into the business, live lives that they love, and empowers them to cultivate their purpose, abundance, and wealth. She helps women resist grind culture, Quantum Leap, and turn your pleasure on.

[0:2:19] What kind of structured offerings do you offer?

Jocelyn offers group coaching, online classes, and individualized consulting. Some of her containers focus on business, and some on the metaphysical. Often her programs dip into both.

[0:4:25] How did you get started in this work?

She used to work in finance in San Francisco, and had a very intense Saturn Return. She obviously had created wealth working in finance, but she felt unfulfilled. She left her job, left her relationship, left her city, and moved to Los Angeles. In LA she got in tax debt, started an unhealthy relationship, and felt she had hit rock bottom when she had a health crisis. She had a psychic awakening which caught her by surprise as she did not think of herself as spiritual at that time, and then moved to NY after the health crisis woke her up.She took a job marketing a luxury handmade furniture, which was still relatively a paycheck to paycheck job. She remembers thinking “this will be the last job I take.” She started doing some consulting, and it spiraled from there. She was attracting women who wanted to build businesses. And eventually started to curate her own offerings. She quit her job in December of 2019.

[0:14:35] How did the pandemic affect your work?

Jocelyn said it was great, because it forced people to gather on the internet- the core of her work. People started to understand that they were not in control of their paychecks, their job security when working for someone else.

[0:16:25] How do you get out of “autopilot?”

You make the decision to be intentional. You ask yourself questions “Did I like that conversation? Did I want to agree to what I just agreed to? Why am I still spending time with this person? Do I actually feel good after I see them? Why am I spending money on this thing? Is this what I want?” Be willing to make those changes, and ask for help.

[0:30:02] How do you find a coach that works for you?

Find messaging you like. Find coaches that are in alignment with your work, purpose, values. Listen to your intuition.

[0:47:40] Any final advice?

Jocelyn says to find joy in your work and your brand should be dripping with your personality. Your soul should show up.

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