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Episode 55


Self-taught witch and founder of Lady Moon Co. Inc. Laura Wong (she/her) joins Phoebe Sherman for Girl Gang Craft Pod’s first interview ep of the year.
Laura Wong considers herself a creatrix - uniquely connected to her inner feminine source of creative power.

The founder of Lady Moon Co., Inc., Wong has curated an online space that’s part podcast and part online shop, where she sells all sorts of incredible goods for those who embrace the practice of witchcraft. Her award-winning Podcast, Third Eye Bind, focuses on disrupting the boundaries of spirituality - and self identifies as a “digital altar to the spirit of the trickster.”

In this episode, Laura and Phoebe share a compelling conversation that starts with how the crafting world brought them together (it all started with a pin trade) and get into the nitty-gritty of entrepreneurship in the creator world, like supply chain challenges, working with wholesalers, finding the right balance of marketing strategies, and more.

Episode 55


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