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Episode 61

Death-Defying Creativity with Chelsea London Lloyd

Chelsea London Lloyd is an actress, comedian, self-proclaimed “grief gal”, host of the “Dying of Laughter” podcast, and voice note advocate who happens to go way back (to theater club) with our founder Phoebe Sherman. In this conversation, Phoebe and Chelsea discuss what they have in common when it comes to balancing multiple creative projects, clients, revenue streams, and acts of self care in difficult times.

In this episode you will learn:
✿Tips for bringing your authentic self to your social media, podcast, or other creative projects
✿How the current writer’s strike might impact you as a creative (or as a Netflix subscriber)
✿How to create “3 content buckets” that you can commit to in order to grow your following
✿Chelsea’s unique journey with grief and how she makes death less intimidating for others in her work
✿Ideas on how to balance your multi-hyphenate career with self-care
✿Why voice notes are absolutely essential for boss babes



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