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Episode 63

Maximize your Business by minimizing your time with Manu Muraro

Manu Muraro, the ultimate creative entrepreneur, is the founder of one of GGC’s fav content management programs “Your Social Team” and “Your Template Club” which encourages femme forward businesses to confidently burst through the algorithm bubble and promote with pride by offering scroll-stopping post templates and individualized curated campaigns to make your business thrive.

In this episode, Manu gives us a lesson on why handing off your content management to Your Social Team is the way to bring engagement back to your Instagram so you get that valuable time back to focus on business growth. Plus, a 7 hour work day is the max you should be working on your business, and why hiring a team is not only a monetary investment, but a health conscious one.

Key Points, Quotes, and Highlights:
✿Recycled content is ok! It doesn’t have to be new, just freshened up
✿Manu tells us Instagram remains her sales platform of choice, “If you're a small business owner and sell things, I still think that Instagram is still unbeatable today.”
✿Taking time and care to avoid burnout, “Money is not the only currency that we need to look at in our businesses– your business is going to suffer a lot more if you burn out.”
✿Manu’s personal experience navigating through a health scare and how she prioritized her wellness and consciously expanded her business
✿An unpopular opinion or a spicy hot take: Is your costless support of creators really free or is it costing your mental health?



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