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Episode 66

How To Establish Core Values For Your Business with Janet Mesh of Aimtal

On today’s episode, Phoebe interviews Janet Mesh, the CEO and Co-Founder of Boston based company Aimtal, a fully remote integrated marketing and consulting agency for B2B tech companies. Janet and Phoebe get into the importance of establishing core values for your business, how a direct to consumer business model can use LinkedIn for marketing strategies, and the “rule of 3” when repurposing content across social channels.

Key Takeaways:
✿ When posting content, follow the rule of 3. Repurpose and repost your content 3 different ways in order for the message to reach your audience
✿ Why establishing and intentionally implementing core values into your teams routine sets the groundwork for clear communication.
✿ Janet schedules weekly team meetings to share praise and kudos to show her appreciation of her team's efforts.
✿ We dive into the reasonings B2B companies use LinkedIn and brainstorm ways our small B2C brands can benefit by using those features too.
✿ Why reaching out to your customer and asking for feedback may give you the answers you need to take the next step or change your approach.


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