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Episode 72

Retail Success

Published author and retail expert Tina Wells has been a lifelong strategist and entrepreneur since she founded her first of many companies at 15 years old. Today, Tina is a renowned published author of 20 books, founder of a multimedia content venture, and retail designer and brand expert having several original collections launch in Target stores Nationwide.

On today’s episode, Phoebe and Tina talk about the impactful steps you need to take in order to get your products in front of buyers, how to develop your brand story, and making time for your own work life harmony.

Key Takeaways:

✿ Being in the know of the Retail Timeline; producing product from design, development, placing orders, to the in-store delivery where your product makes it onto shelves.

✿ Understanding your sales: Doing Market Research and taking data from your sales to predict retail trends to know which products to reproduce in new colors and variations of the original.

✿ Getting in front of buyers by going to trade shows to present your products to potential retailers.

✿ “The biggest part of your job as the founder is to really tell the story of your brand and why your brand needs to be in a particular retailer.”



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