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Team GGC Reviews Their Favorite Cannabis Products for Relaxing + Unwinding

The Girl Gang Craft team set out to try some new goodies from Eaze. We are a hard-working, communicative, and creative group. But we know the importance of joy, rest, and play. Cannabis + CBD can really take the edge off and encourages us to put down our phone, get outside, and take that break from work.

If you are new to Girl Gang Craft, we are a community for creatives (originally from the Bay Area, CA and spreading to the East Coast in Salem, MA). We host craft fairs + events, offer a podcast, hold classes + courses, and have a feminist clothing line that collects $ for causes we love like Planned Parenthood + ACLU.

Hear from the GGC team about their favorite Eaze products:

Gina King, PR + Partnerships


90mg THC

10 mg CBD

I am hardwired to always be on the go. Honestly if there’s daylight outside, I’m moving and grooving, answering emails and taking calls. And when it comes to the end of the day, it’s pretty easy for me to wind down. But for those days when I’m feeling super stressed and I just lay in bed and keep thinking about my to-do list and my calendar, I know that it’s time for some extra help. And that’s when I turn to the Plus Uplift. I love this product because it helps me and my body relax and honestly within 15-minutes of chewing this little mint—I’m out like a light. It gives me a deep and rejuvenating sleep and I wake up the next morning feeling more calm, rested, and ready to take on the day.

Hannah Crawford, Curator + Web Doula


100 mg THC

With all of the trips I went on this summer my back has been killing me. so I decided to try out the Camino Gummies. I got the Sparkling Pear and my favorite, Watermelon Lemonade flavor, both delicious! I usually like to take 2 for the perfect evening wind down.

Amanda Hariri, Social Media + Marketing

100mg THC, with 20 pieces, (5mg each)


I'm a big fan of edibles. There's something goofy and dorky about an edibles high, something inherently uncool and unsexy about it that I find liberating. Edibles are for people like me who can't roll a joint to save their life but enjoy getting real silly at the busy sushi restaurant on a Tuesday night.

I ordered these PLUS gummies out of nostalgia—they were the first edibles I ever purchased for myself earlier in my 20s, and I've always liked the tiny, polite cubes. Little giggle boxes! I decided to pop one of these babies before going out to dinner on a weekday.

Now, some edible highs are not for the public. I don't make the rules. These edibles are for the public if you are a person who doesn't give a damn anymore and just wants to live, laugh, love their way through four rolls and two bowls of miso soup.

I'm a bit of an anxious bug (aren't we all?), but I have a serious sassy streak; due to whatever magical mischief, these gummies enhanced that side of me in a way that only contributed to my joy and reduced my relentless overthinking. Here's to more stoned sushi nights!

Phoebe, Founder + CEO

40 mg THC, 120 mg CBD


I’ve had some back and hip problems, and I only like to be a “little” high these days, so the Camino Sparkling Pear Gummies are seriously perfect for a post work wind down. They help manage the pain in my back and help me get off my computer and into rest or play mode. Plus, they are seriously yummy!

First time users:

If you are new to Eaze, head to for $30 off your first order.

If you are a returning user, use code GIRLGANGCRAFT35 for 35% off.

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