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Summer Reading List 2022 for entrepreneurs + humans who want to create wealth

Hey Entrepreneur, need something to read this summer? We’ve got you covered. These are books I’ve personally devoured. Have favs to add to the list? Tell us below!

By Phoebe Sherman

Our girl Jesse Susannah has written THE book on empowering (or at least be

ttering!) your relationship with money. She understands your relationship with money is perhaps inherited, or tied to trauma, she gets that it is NOT EASY to look at that relationship much less heal it. She understands you may be anti-capitalist and that you might be fearful to make lots of money because you might become greedy and evil (this isn’t true!). She helps you take a look at what you want (what you really really want) and the tools to help you on your journey. You’ve got to do the work, honey! We need more great people with great money so we can make positive changes in this world, please and thank you. Pick up this book, and we promise you’ll feel lighter.

Ali Kriegsman is the co-founder of Bulletin, a wholesale platform that started as a craft fair! She talks about her journey building Bulletin from the ground up, and all the pivoting! She doesn’t just hang out in the “girl-boss-this-is-such-an-incredible -journey-sp

ace,” instead sharing her deep lows, how her priorities shifted, and the very real life moments she missed out on. Ali interviews amazing femme founders from all different sorts of backgrounds sharing stories of their struggles and their achievements. This is a book to help you feel less alone, to hear stories that are very similar to your own, and very different. This book shows there are many forks in the road, and that each path is an opportunity for growth and clarity.

If you haven’t read this book, or her You are a Badass at making money, stop everything and pick it up. Jen Sincero is a BADASS and weaves tales of her own successes (and HUGE failures) and what she has learned from them. She unravels her own limiting beliefs and challenges yours, so you do the thing and make shit happen.

This book was incredible. I couldn’t put it down. Rachel’s main thesis: We women have to make money to make any change happen in this society. (Can we get an Amen?) Women need MORE ECONOMIC power. We need to MAKE SOME REAL MONE

Y. And she thinks being a 6 figure entrepreneur is not enough, we need to all make millions. Rachel helps you find clarity around your boundaries, she convinces you to outsource in your biz AND your home (immediately!), and to find the projects that make you light up. She insists that pinching pennies (and not buying lattes!) is not the answer to your wealth, and instead we must create new revenue sources. This book is seriously a MUST for every entrepreneur. Start reading it NOW!!!

I am reading this for the second time.. I picked it up again this summer when I was feeling down. Here’s the thing, you can’t please everyone. Literally there are 8 billion people on the planet. It is PHYSICALLY impossible, even to find ONE thing that everyone universally agrees on. You may even have to blow up your life, disrupt everything you know, to become untamed, and unapologetically feed your soul. Glennon tells her story of blowing up her life for Abby Wambach, and how it changed everything. She gives us little vignettes on expectations of women and misogyny, religious doctrine, homophobia, racism, performative marriages, eating disorders and alcoholism. I highly recommend this book if you have ever felt caged.

Let me start by saying there are some serious flaws in this book. There is some clear diet culture (which if you know me, you know I am very anti) there is also some binary talk about habits being bad and good. Which I also don’t like. This book could really use an infusion of “being kind to yourself where you are.” That being said, if you are not super triggered by the diet culture talk, this book has a really interesting perspective on how to change your day to day, how to form new habits, and WHY we form habits. This book is for you if you want to integrate a new morning routine and learn about what sort of signaling can motivate you. I found it particularly helpful to hear that the habits that STICK are the ones that are tied into our identity. “A Badass entrepreneur would do this habit” for example. Let me know what you think about this one!

If you have a product or service to sell, pick up this book NOW. If you’ve been around GGC for a little, you are probably familiar with the launch method and why launching a new product, or opening your cart, can make more sales than having an item in your shop all the time. Creating scarcity (either with time or amount of spots/items) is a great way to make more sales. We at GGC use the launch method for our membership, courses, and events. In this book Jeff lays it down so matter of factly, he gives step by step instructions on his launching method and why it works. I haven’t tried his exact methods yet, but I plan on following them closely when we launch our Reels/Tiktok course coming in the Fall (You can join the waitlist here)

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